An abbreviated post since I’m writing on the train and Metra tells me we are almost arriving. Logging the food in the ol food diary hasn’t happened with much frequency in the last two weeks. What has happened though is that I’ve dropped ~7 pounds. Paying more attention to portions, drinking more water and eliminating coke. The last one has been the hardest – why are you so damn tasty? Diet coke is such a weak, sad, sorry substitute. What really pushed me over the edge was Dominick’s charging the same price for a 20-can pack as a 24-can pack…are you f$-%ing serious ?!? If thats what it took I guess it’s a positive. Silver lining if you will.

Also trying to exercise more consistently and while I think it’s too early to see those results I still have a long way to go.

Finally, the 5k family run didn’t end up happening but I have a very good excuse. The hubby managed to get us tickets to the Badger v. Nebraska game and it was AWESOME!!!!

Go big red and until next week make it a great one!!


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