Welcome to the WWW where I post a summary of the past week’s goals and milestones. Every week features the same format including net calories, weekly weigh-in, and how I fared meeting current fitness goals such as using a food diary.

Despite a chaotic three-day travel week to New York City, the last week was a good one to get the workouts in! I was especially proud of this considering the schedule I had which included being up by 5am and being out late. Jackhammers going off 16 floors below me at 5am also helped move me out of bed, but thinking about how I’d feel if I DIDN’T workout was even more motivation. As my work schedule remains “manageable”, I’m trying to focus on the week at hand and doing my best to reach my 1000 cal of exercise each week. All of this, of course, leading up to the 5K race in Morton Arboretum with the family. Breaking things into smaller goals seems easier to handle…at least for me it does. Let’s look back at the week.

Calories In < Calories Out

Again, I came in at a calorie deficit this week at -1680cal. This week I logged ~1130cal of exercise, which means I hit my 1000cal mark on the exercise. Still falling short of that total 3500 cal deficit though. Remember – the goal I’m working on here is to clock in at least 1000 cal of burn per week. Why 1000 cal you might ask? The logic’s probably flawed but you need about a 3500 cal deficit to lose one pound*. Right now, I’m trying to save about 300 cal per day so if you add in another 1000 cal per week in exercise you get close to the magical 3500cal mark ( [300 x 7] + 1000 ~ 3100). But, the real question is does that actually work??? Am I Iosing weight??

weekly weight trackerIf you look at the progress chart, you can see I’ve fluctuated a bit. And this week there was the added bonus of seeing the scale actually eek up a little bit. ARGH!! Alright….let’s keep our cool here. It’s not uncommon for people to gain a little weight as they’re starting to increase their workouts so let’s chalk it up to that for now. Building muscle mass, retaining water weight…..something! LoseIt (food diary) claims that 96% of their users who track food for 4 weeks lose weight. I really hope that I’m not in that 4% club.

On track or off the wagon…

ON TRACK – Four for four…feels like it’s been four pretty good weeks in the face of traveling and juggling family activities. Traveling for three days this week but bringing the gear with me helped. Have GOT to be more proactive!! It’s not CAN I find time to work out – it HAS to be WHEN will I work out?

What’s coming up next? What am I working on?

  • Only a few more weeks until the Fall Color 5k race in October in Chicago’s Morton Arboretum. Looking forward to seeing the arboretum in the fall, and heard good things.
  • Additionally, I’ve been battling a sinus/head cold that has left me sounding like Jack Palance. I ended up cutting short my run last night with some breathing trouble but optimistic this thing will be gone soon.
  • Finally, the topic of sports nutrition has come up a lot at our house lately. With that in mind, I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to increase protein intake. I’m a carb junkie. What can I say? One week – it’s gone alright and am hitting about 20-25% of my diet from protein now but seems like I really have to be conscious of it. Without the protein bars, not sure how I’d get there. A work in progress I guess.
  • Until next week….make it a great one!!

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