They’re bringing me back….

For all you loyal RAB readers (you know who you are), it may have been awhile since you’ve seen the Weekly Workout Wrapup (or the WWW). This was a weekly “accountability” post series where I posted a summary of my prior weight loss goals, milestones and progress. I let the series lapse and while it was partly out of just wanting to write about other things, in hindsight it was especially useful for at least keeping me on track.
Knowing that big, blank screen would be waiting for me to write the next week’s update was strangely quite motivating. Who would’ve thought the secret to maintaining healthy habits is writing about it? ¬†(that’s sarcasm).

Baby on Board – A few reasons why I HAVEN’T picked it back up.


  • Baby #3 is on the way. With the past two pregnancies, I’ve been aware of my weight but differed in my eating strategies. The second one I followed a low-glycemic diet after developing gestational diabetes and tracked everything. I haven’t wanted to do that here, but have been making a more conscious effort to eat healthy and in decent portion sizes.
  • Hadn’t announced the baby. For awhile, I simply hadn’t broadcasted the addition to our fam and didn’t want to change things up unexplicably.



The last couple of doctor visits have been interesting. In the last two months, the scales at the doctor’s office said I was down five pounds, then up ten pounds the next month (weird). I’ve been weighing in at the gym and in total the gym scale says I’m up 12 pounds in the last six months (versus 18 pounds at doc). Who’s right?? I haven’t got a clue which is a little scary. Pregnancy in many ways is still a complete and utter mystery to me. However, one thing I’m pretty sensitive about on this third time around is rapid weight gain. If I can’t rely on the doc’s office, then I’m taking things into my own hands to monitor.


Looking ahead…

This week I’m busily collecting “data” and trying to figure out just how many calories I SHOULD be getting. ¬†Until next week!!

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