Welcome to the WWW where I post a summary of the past week’s goals and milestones. Every week features the same format including net calories, weekly weigh-in, and how I fared meeting current fitness goals such as using a food diary.

Calories In << Calories Out

Woohoo! Last week was better. I continued my self-imposed ban on eating out. One thing I never noticed was the very frequent lunches at Jimmy John’s. Not only am I finding it easier to maintain my calorie deficit, I’m also seeing a savings boost (makes the hubby happier too). Missing those Vito subs, but not that much. I think the lack of subs has also led to fewer sodas. Ah sweet coke…why do you have to be 140 calories per serving? Overall, maintaining. Let’s look at what the deficit was…

For the week prior, I was -1,611 calories under my budget. Why so low? I did manage to hit the gym once and did an outdoor run once yielding ~600 calories burned.  The main difficulty in reaching the goal of 1000 calories of exercise is really my limited time in the AM to workout. But not much can be done here….or can it?  Will look into this more!

So, we know losing a pound requires ~3500 calorie deficit. By adding in the exercise and limiting the subs/soda, I made good progress this week.

Weekly weigh-in…

calories and weight

Another calorie deficit…but a slight increase.  Sigh.  Officially gained ~1% which overall isn’t that much but after a few consecutive weeks of decreases it was disappointing to see the weight go back up.

My dorkiness led me to graph out some of my weight loss progress.  You can see that the increased calorie deficits have really correlated with my recent weight loss.  Although I maintained a deficit this week, it wasn’t as sharp as the previous weeks and it showed on the scale.  Still making overall progress and staying focused/positive on that front.


With regards to the calorie deficit, had an interesting chat with my doctor about that…if I hadn’t had my LoseIt app to document everything I’m not sure how it would have been received.  Basically, the doctor told me the PROJECTED CALORIE INTAKE from LoseIt may be too high if I’m on birth control pills.  In other words, I need to consume even fewer calories than I think I do.  Sigh.  Again.  The doctor suggested this has something to do with the pills either slowing metabolism, causing water retention or both.  Sigh.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’ll mention it now – I CANNOT WAIT to be off these things for good.

On track or off the wagon…

ON TRACK – Much better showing this week. Monday was an off day for the holiday and had hoped to workout, but spent some QT with the husband instead. Worth it!

Shooting for two trips to the gym at a minimum this week, although I’ll be on the road to the East Coast this week.  This will also affect my ban on eating out – can only pack so many zone bars (my protein bar of choice).  Or “frotein” bars as my daughter calls them!

Until next week….make it a great one!!

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