Welcome to the WWW where I post a summary of the past week’s goals and milestones. Every week features the same format including net calories, weekly weigh-in, and how I fared meeting current fitness goals such as using a food diary.

Calories In < Calories Out

While LoseIt remains my food diary of choice, I recently added a water “logging” app, appropriately named “Waterlogged” (YouTube video link to Waterlogged here).  Waterlogged helps you keep track of fluid intake and offers a variety of reminders.  I’m trying out the free app version but may give the paid version a whirl too.

For the week prior, I was -789 calories under my budget. Good job! Remember: losing a pound requires ~3500 calorie deficit. I’ve already trimmed down my daily caloric intake by about 500 calories. So, my daily calorie intake is budgeted at 1775 calories. thanks in part to exercising (515 calories gone), I was below my weekly budget by 789 calories. Right now I’m (unofficially) trying to burn 1000 calories per week. Fell short on weekly calorie burn but “Sno-mageddon 2011” kind of interrupted the week.  Will continue to keep this on my radar as something to keep shooting for!

Weekly weigh-in…

Another calorie deficit, another week without dramatic weight loss.  Sigh.  Officially lost ~1%, but was hoping to see something a little more significant.  Just have to stay positive and recognize these last 30 are the WORST/HARDEST pounds to lose!!

On track or off the wagon…

ON TRACK – The past week was a good one. Work still chaotic (as always), the blizzard, but still managed to fit in some workouts and eat decently.

Until next week….make it a great one!

PS – just found this post on health/fitness apps for the iPhone on Yahoo that may be of interest.  Some of the apps include LoseIt, Waterlogged, iMapMyRun.

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