Welcome to the WWW where I post a summary of the past week’s goals and milestones. Every week features the same format including net calories, weekly weigh-in, and how I fared meeting current fitness goals such as using a food diary.

Calories In << Calories Out

Last week was tough to stick with pretty much all my training and logging Still I managed to keep calorie consumption reasonable. This week was hectic but did a much better job logging food and keeping calories in under calories out.

For the week prior, I was -3434 calories under my budget. Why so low? I did manage to hit the gym twice for ~400 calories burned. I avoided buying food/soda at work and forced myself to stick with food from home (or nothing). The latter probably had a bigger impact.

So, we know losing a pound requires ~3500 calorie deficit. Definitely fell short on my 1000 calories of exercise goal (only 400 burned), but as before keeping this on my radar as something to keep shooting for!

Weekly weigh-in…

Another calorie deficit, and a slight drop in weight this time! Officially lost ~1.5%. it’s nice to see the good momentum continue.

On track or off the wagon…

ON TRACK – Much better showing this week. Monday was an off day for the holiday and had hoped to workout, but spent some QT with the husband instead. Worth it!

The upcoming week will be short but intense. Shooting for two trips to the gym at a minimum. Also sticking with my ban on eating out.

Until next week….make it a great one!

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