it’s time for the weekly workout wrap-up!!


Welcome to the WWW (weekly workout wrap-up) where I post a summary of the past week’s goals and milestones. Every week features the same format including net calories, weekly weigh-in, and how I fared meeting current fitness goals such as using a food diary.



Welcome to tri training!  So, the tulips are blooming, floods have receded and for those of us in the Midwest triathlon training is HERE! What’s new this year is a lot:


My new road bike!! Courtesy of my very very wonderful husband!!

  • using a coach
  • new road bike (it’s so fast!  Check it out in that pic!!)
  • just had a baby – yup sleep is  a priceless commodity here

In the past, I’ve never gone to this extreme and relied on my own ingenuity.  I’ve also never felt this driven, overworked and stressed…so I’m taking advantage of it and making the most of it.  This first week has been about simply building a base.  Since I have the patience of my one-month old, it’s been a little frustrating.  Pushing that aside, I’m happy to be starting and hoping I’ll start seeing little rays of sunshine soon (that means weight loss).  Let’s look back at the week.

Calories In < Calories Out

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 3.35.32 PMRemember previously I tried to have a ~1000cal of exercise per week. Why 1000 cal you might ask? The logic’s probably flawed but you need about a 3500 cal deficit to lose one pound*. If I saved about 300 cal per day in eating and added in another 1000 cal per week in exercise you get close to the magical 3500cal mark ( [300 x 7] + 1000 ~ 3100).  This week I plowed through that with almost 1800cal expended!  Woo hoo!  I’ve also been using LoseIt! and recorded an overall weekly calorie deficit of nearly 3500 caloriesFreakin’. Awesome.  This was my bright spot when I felt crappy about my performance.  My performance was probably not as crappy as I think….I’m just having a hard time realizing I’m not 25 anymore.


On track or off the wagon…

ON TRACK – good start. Though I’m back at work, I’m working largely from home which helps far more than I thought it would.  Instead of working out at 4am, I can go at 5am.  I don’t have to rush to shower, get in a suit and run again to race and make the train.  For those of you with infants, an hour of sleep can work miracles.

Today is recovery but the rest of the week is packed with six days of workouts.  It’s strange it’s only been a week.  I was down a LOT last week over how bad and out of shape I am/feel at the moment.  To give it some context….I hurt my hand a long time ago.  Ended up severing nerves, tendons in my thumb.  It was so strange not being able to bend a thumb or feel something with my finger.  After surgery and six months of rehab, I regained most of the use of my hand. Right now, my entire body feels like that hand did before surgery.  So useless.  So unresponsive.  So frustrating!  My hope and goal is to work as hard as I can to NOT feel like this as soon as possible.


What’s coming up next….

We’re taking it up another notch this week!  Six days of workouts again…I’m not going to hope I fit it in...I just will.  Continuing to build the base activity while also adding in more core/strength training as my core is in need of MAJOR attention.  Not surprising since I’m only seven weeks out from baby’s arrival, but needs work.  For me, hitting each of these workouts is critical to get in the mode of recognizing that I NEED daily workouts.  No more letting other things be a priority – whether it be work, kids, whatever.  Kind of ironic that at a time in my life when I should be stretched to the limit with other peoples’ needs I’m starting to attend to my own first.

Until next week….make it a great one!

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