Wow!  All it took was one week on the couch-to-5k training plan to realize my body is a far cry from where I want it to be.  The good thing though is that I’m making strides and putting in the work.  Nothing else that can be done – no quick fixes as my liposuction budget is nowhere to be found.

Week one focused on getting you back out there – alternating run/walk in a 60/90 second interval over the course of 20 minutes.  I increased my total time on runs to 30 minutes (including a 5min warm up walk).  Even by the final day of the week I can tell that I’m making improvements in my endurance and stamina.  Although it could have something to do with the lack of sweltering humidity and heat on that last day, but I’m sticking with it’s me getting better.  The legs are feeling it today though….ouch!  Daughter number one asked if I was broken.  Yup, feels a little like it.  Stretching helped.

One immediate thing that needs to be changed are my shoes! Ouch! Those old Asics are so played – no tread left and no cushion.  A trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods is on the schedule for this weekend.  Also contemplating the purchase of a watch, but figured out that my iPhone has a stopwatch with lap function built in….just not crazy about running with my phone.  The other change is that I need to really write out my goals – besides completing the 5K, what am I hoping to accomplish here?  I have some fuzzy numbers in my head but will be writing more on those as well.

I am also happy to report that weights/abs/core were taken care of twice this week.  I did a series of 5 – 6 different exercises I pulled together from these sites:

Recovery day off today, though I’m feeling like I could hit the gym.  That’s got to be a good sign (I hope)!

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