Planks – no we’re not talking about pirates.

In my quest to regain my pre-pre-pregnancy body, one of the most troublesome things to change appears to be my midsection or the abdominals.  I mean it’s bad!  Interestingly, core stability or strengthening your abdominal muscles can not only help you look better BUT it can also help you run, bike, do many things better.  The key to reaching a new personal record or running extra distance can be a strong core.

So what are the best abdominal exercises to do???

I’ve recently started to do this with an abdominal exercise challenge when I saw this posting about best abdominal exercises/core strengthening routines.

Definitely worth a look over.  Haven’t necessarily been as adherent to the program as I should have (doh!) but after just one day I realized how BAD my abdominal muscles/core stability really are!  This has to be a more top-priority and I need to find a way to fit this type of routine into the schedule.  Gosh, if I could just have a few 30 hour days once in awhile, I’d be so on top of things!  And probably have awesome abs too….

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