consistencyIt’s that time of year again…the part where I struggle to consistently work out. Instead of ignoring it, I’ve decided to look a little deeper and really try to overcome some of these mental barriers.  The Goal – deal with it, don’t ignore it.


Reason #1: WORK

Why it’s a barrier. Frankly, it’s the hours. I am up and out the door before most people are even awake (5:45am depart; 5:00am if I have a meeting). On a good day, I am home by 6pm but bad days can go until midnight. It’s an unpredictable schedule bottom line.

How can I change that. Evening/after-work workouts just can’t be part of the plan.  Much as I HATE it, the 4:30am workout must be on the board. I think one thing that might facilitate that is trying to be a little more organized at night like pulling together workout stuff so I don’t have to think about anything. I seem to feel exhausted when I try to do the early morning workout but let’s be honest, those 30 extra minutes of sleep probably aren’t doing that much…right??


Reason #2: MOMMY GUILT

Why it’s a barrier.  Sounds stupid, I know. I absolutely hate hate hate missing time with the kids (or as I like to call it “Mommy Guilt“).  The thought process in my head goes something like this – “I could leave on time today, make it home by 6, and make it for dinner. Or I could head to the gym and get home around7:30. Let’s skip the gym.” Since work is unpredictable, some nights I don’t get to see the kids and husband, and I put pressure on myself to be there or make up for it.

How can I change that. First, quit feeling guilty.  Ha! Easier said than done. Second, see response above and workout in the morning.  Huh, that was easy!


Reason #3: FEAR

Why it’s a barrier. This one also sounds stupid but when I started thinking more about what’s really keeping me from working out CONSISTENTLY, it’s being afraid. Fear that I will workout and won’t lose any weight, fear that I will lose more weight but won’t be able to keep it off.  Fear of success can be just as problematic as fear of failure sometimes.

How can I change that. Overcome my fear. If I do workout consistently and I fail to lose weight then so be it. At least I’ll get rid of some stress. Probably need more work here but will keep this one in mind.


Reason #4:  Laziness(?)

Why it’s a barrier. Truth be told, sometimes I’m just lazy.

How can I change that. There are a lot of legitimate barriers preventing consistent workouts, but sometimes you just gotta suck it up and get it done.  I think having some definitive race goals would probably be most helpful. Time to start signing up for some!!


Consistent workouts ahead!

Making a plan that’s compatible with a chaotic work schedule, family time – that seems like the most important takeaway here. Things will come up – just need toake sure it’s not everyday.  In that spirit, I’ve worked on a plan for the next three weeks. I have an idea about what days will be busiest in the office and have factored in my husband’s schedule. My challenge will be to see how many days I can stick to the plan! I’ve done it before and let’s give it a shot Here we go…

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