Ten Things to Do BEFORE You Try to Lose Pregnancy Weight – Part 1

Did you know that 50-70% of women gain too much weight during pregnancy and on average retain 40% of that weight one year later. After going through three pregnancies myself, I frequently thought worried about my weight (and dreaded those weekly weigh-in’s during the last month). If I could go back in time to the start of my very first pregnancy, there are some simple steps I wish I WOULD HAVE TAKEN to get a better grasp on what to expect, how to prepare and when to be concerned.  Many other moms (new and veterans) have expressed similar feelings.  With that in mind, let’s focus on what you can do before the baby arrives to set yourself up for post-pregnancy weight loss success.

Postpartum Fitness Checklist – the plan before your plan

The Postpartum Fitness checklist that follows offers ten steps to take BEFORE you begin your post-pregnancy weight loss efforts.  A few might be obvious, but hopefully these will make a difference and keep you from becoming a statistic.  We’ll roll out the rest of the list as we go along, but let’s start at the top for now.  Step 1 in the series focuses on setting the stage by talking with your doctor about weight gain, fitness and nutrition.  While this might not seem like a big deal, let’s dig deeper on why this might be a huge first step on the path to success.

Postpartum Fitness Checklist
  1. Talk to your doctor about weight gain, fitness and nutrition EARLY in pregnancy

How much SHOULD I weigh?

How much SHOULD I weigh?

Avoid gaining extra pregnancy weight by simply TALKING to your doctor

Clearly if you gain less weight during pregnancy you have less to lose later so reducing the gain is important.  But, did you know that LESS THAN HALF of doctors talk to their pregnant patients about weight gain? Crazy right?? With so many women dealing with obesity and weight only a minority of docs bring it up.  Why this is even more alarming is that pregnant patients who have more conversations with their doctors about weight gain end up gaining less weight!!  Many ob/gyn’s just don’t seem comfortable talking about weight gain and fitness with their patients which is somewhat understandable since they are more concerned with your pregnancy and getting that baby out!  However that means that you need to be your own best advocate.  Ask questions and be vocal about concerns you might have.

Talk to your doctor EARLY in pregnancy about weight, fitness and nutrition

Not sure where to start?  Not sure what to say?  Here’s a few to jog the idea train:

  1. How much weight should I be gaining during pregnancy?
  2. What’s a realistic time goal to lose the weight?
  3. How many calories should I be eating a day while pregnant?  What about later?
  4. Are there certain nutrition guidelines I should follow?
  5. What exercises should/can I do during the FIRST six weeks after delivery?  What exercise can I do AFTER the first six weeks?
  6. Can you recommend any fitness groups or gyms that focus on pregnant women or new moms?

How have you talked to your doctor about pregnancy weight gain concerns?  

There are many uncomfortable or unpleasant things you have to endure during pregnancy…but talking to your doctor about weight, fitness and nutrition should NOT be one of them.  If you have had a talk already, how did it go?  Were your concerns addressed?  In our next post, we’ll discuss step 2…staying active.


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