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I’ve recently joined the Winter Meltdown DietBet and will be keeping track of my progress here. With only five short months till the next triathlon season, it’s time to start getting in some off-season shape and dropping some more pounds. … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again…the part where I struggle to consistently work out. Instead of ignoring it, I’ve decided to look a little deeper and really try to overcome some of these mental barriers.  The Goal – deal with it, don’t … Continue reading

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As I write my 2012 goals, I thought I’d take a minute to figure out how I did in 2011. Looking back, I can say that I do feel better ending the year than I did starting it. But there’s … Continue reading

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Apologies for the hiatus but another lengthy two weeks has kept me chained to my desk. Every three-ish months, I go through “earnings season” which involves long hours (sometimes around 18+ per day). This time around was busier than normal … Continue reading

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