One more baby to run after soon!

So, it seems that this is the last place I have to announce the big news for our family…I’m happy to say I’ll soon be running after my third baby. We are expecting our third this March! Three in five years is a little more than I ever envisioned, but am so thrilled at the prospect. The kids are thrilled about having a new sister or brother (though they’re leaning towards the former).

Pregnancy the third time around is a little different. Making fitness a priority during this one has been more of a challenge having to juggle a hectic work/travel schedule with the kids. I’m actually (finally) learning how to say “no” a little better to certain requests.

What’s next??

For me, lots!

  • trying to maintain some more frequent fitness patterns
  • nutrition
  • getting ready for baby!!

My goals for the year have obviously changed but I’m optimistically looking ahead to 2013. Triathlon, 5k’s? Why not both!

If any third-timers have advice on managing the chaos, I’d love to hear how you STILL make fitness a priority.

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One Response to Running after baby, after baby….after baby!

  1. Life On The Run says:

    Congratulations! We are very impressed with your stated goals of a post-#3-baby 5k and triathlon, good luck! At Life On The Run, we know how challenging fitness can be with multiple children. We’ve identified three Keys to sticking with those goals when there are several little ones running your house:

    1) Lean on your support base – namely, the hubby and the kids. Talk to them about your goals, and get the entire family behind you. Afterall, they are your biggest cheerleaders and will no doubt feel inspired by seeing you work hard every day to reach your goals. Plus, it may give them a sense of achievement if they do their part to help you get there.

    2) Put up a big calendar in a visible central location of your house and write down your training plans there, along with each family member’s classes, games, practices, etc. This way you can avoid scheduling that 90-minute Brick workout at the same time as your daughter’s ballet class.

    3) Continue to make time for you! Try your best not to feel guilty when you want to go for that 45-minute bike ride. You will inspire your kids to work hard and stick to a plan, plus you will come home feeling refreshed and de-stressed.

    Most importantly, have fun! Good luck!


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