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It’s on! One of my goals for 2011 is to complete at least 3 races by June 2011. After my December Rudolph Ramble (in a blizzard!) in Dec 2010 I needed to find three races for the first half of 2011. No small feat when you live in Chicago. So, off to sunny Phoenix we went to participate in the PF Chang’s Rock N’ Roll half marathon. We decided to do the 2-person relay and I ran the last 4.5 miles of the half marathon.

I had heard good things about this race series and walked away happy. With the results in, let’s break it down and see how I matched up with my race goals…

  • Run the full leg (no walking!!): yeah, not so much. Had to walk a few times which was not cool. Hadn’t really trained for hills or run that distance before in training so will cut myself some slack.
  • Run with a 10:00 pace (or better): it depends how you cut this one. Overall the race was well organized. The one snafu was getting to the relay start. I went with my husband to the race start by shuttle. I then ended up taking the light rail to my start spot. Only problem – no one knew where the light rail was located! To get there I ended up running (hard) about 1.5-2 miles. If you factor that in, I ran 9:30 pace. If you don’t it was closer to 10:15. Either way I think also good considering the conditions. Next time will go faster!
  • Have fun: definitely! Overall good race. Nice deals at the expo. Gorgeous weather and even got in some naps. Would love to do it again next year

Now on to race #2…..whatever that will be!

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