I was first pointed towards MapMyRun.com by my husband – he kept raving about it so thought I should take a closer look at it.  MapMyRun provides a variety of online tools to help you monitor your running progress, as well as community forums and other resources.  There are also other off-shoots that can help walkers, bike riders, triathletes (check out this link for more info).

Running route from MapMyRun.com

If you do a lot of running or run consistently, I think you’d probably be pretty excited about what MapMyRun has to offer.  You can map ro

utes using GPS technology through things like iPhone apps (you can check out the app in the App Store), maintain training logs that

even keep track of shoe mileage.  One of the neatest features is being able to see other running routes that other people have taken.  Especially if you are training for an event, this seems pretty useful.

My running style and interest are probably a bit lower than my husband’s – he’s running a half-marathon (third this year) in the fall – so I probably wouldn’t use this on a consistent basis.  However, if I was more serious about achieving certain goals and running at a higher level, MapMyRun would be a frequent destination during training.

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