Yup, I was one of those geeks who had to have an iPhone. I would say I have a good deal of buyer’s remorse, but there are some apps that really do make it a useful device. LoseIt! is one of those apps.

LoseIt! is described as a weight loss program but it is really just an easy to use food/exercise tracker. While I could go back to paper and pencil (yup, that’s how I tracked things before), the app captures so much detailed nutritional information. For instance, carb/protein/fat info is monitored so I can see if I need more protein for the day. The interface is easy to use, and you can configure a bunch of different reports and reminders to bug you. I’ve just started using the “friends” feature which is a little scary but motivating.

You can download the app for free (which blows my mind!) at the app store. The only feature that is really lacking is the ability to update logs through a web interface. Sometimes it would be more convenient. Perhaps also expanded fitness diary tracking too – you can enter ‘weight training’ for example, but I’d like to be able to track specific exercises, sets, reps, etc. Nonetheless, an overall great app! Two thumbs up!

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