20110623-052536.jpgI go back and forth about whether I like Runner’s World, but these articles caught my eye (and interest) most recently. The “Run Your Butt Off”article series has been hyped a bit and these stories describe some “real” people who’ve adopted the running/fitness plan.True to Runner’s World form, many of these “real” people don’t seem all that “real”. I guess what I mean is that they are already quite active and their goals just don’t seem to line up with where I’m pointing. In other words I can’t imagine they have much butt to run off. But there were several there who were looking to make some changes and nice to see they’ve been able to do it.

I hate to say it, but now I’m a little more intrigued in “Run Your Butt Off”….doh! Kudos Runner’s World – marketing is working!


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