Fitness Goals in 2012

Fitness focus for 2012 – Abs, Nutrition, Routine

After reflecting back on 2011, I was probably most happy with the dip in weight I’ve seen and glad to have fit in a few races. Work got INSANE the last two months and it would have been easy to use it as an excuse. But lo and behold I kept on trucking and made steady progress losing a few pounds a month.

Things remaining to work on (and there’s a lot!) start with the core…specifically my abdominals. Barring an unexpected tummy tuck, I’ve got a lot to do here and hoping that by focusing on some good old fashioned core strengthening I’ll see a benefit in my race performance.

When thinking about abs, my next thought is always diet. good improvements materialized in 2011 (sayonara soda), but let’s focus on making sure we continue. Too many crappy fast food options on work days leave for ongoing temptation. The good thing though is that as I’ve cut back on things like Jimmy Johns I’ve craved it less. Go figure.

Speaking of routines, sticking with regular workout schedules will be the key to dropping weight in 2012. Work chaos has crept up and WILL CONTINUE to creep up EVEN MORE – learning how to make workouts the priority without fail is the only way success will happen. With that…let’s delve into the plan for 2012!

Current Goals for 2012:

Complete the Lake Geneva Olympic triathlon

  • Why I’m doing it: cause it’s a triathlon! I’ve done a few before and would really like to get back into action.  There’s been a few barriers keeping me back here (mental, logistics, fear) – can’t wait to push those out of the way.  I think at the ned of the day it will be a big boost to the ol’ self confidence.
  • How I’m going to do it: Race day isn’t until September so I’ve got a 8-12-16 plan in mind. Eight weeks of base training, 12 weeks of focused offseason training and 16 weeks of balanced triathlon training. More training details to follow but you can put it on the board!

Finish four 5k’s in 2012.

  • Why I’m doing it: I did 4 races in 2011 (Rock n’ Roll, Firecracker Four, Santa Hustle, Jingle Bell 5K) and if I can keep that as a base I’ll be satisfied.
  • How I’m going to do it: I could foresee repeating the Santa Hustle or the Jingle Bell again. Otherwise the board remains TBD. let’s get this planned sooner than later, but will have to fit with my training plans.

Use a food diary to keep track of meals, eating patterns

  • Why I’m doing it: nutrition. Duh.  Garbage in = garbage out.
  • How I’m going to do it: LoseIt is my favorite (clearly) but might consider looking at some others. The ability to log on my phone is great and it just has a smooth interface (previous LoseIt review here) — the easier the better.

Average 12 workouts per month

  • Why I’m doing it: need to find a good level of constant, consistent activity.  At this number, it works out to about 3x per week which is more than feasible and a bare minimum if I’m going to finish the triathlon in Lake Geneva.  I’m fully expecting some weeks to be above that and others below.  The bottom line is keep it consistent, expected.
  • How I’m going to do it:  I’m working on a plan now for my 8 weeks of base training.  This needs to mesh with my hubby’s goals/plans as well as work schedule, but looks like it should be do-able.  The catch, I will have to suck it up and workout a few early mornings.  Sigh.  Right now, Sundays will definitely be in the plan for swimming.  Mondays might be my off day and Tuesday nights are out.  Recognizing the conflicts ahead of time will help a lot!  I’ve also picked up the Nike Training app to mix up the workout boredom.  I’ve logged a few workouts there, so after a few more will offer up a review.

Hopes for 2012

As I get ready to pick up the pace in 2012, I’m looking forward to knocking down some more hurdles and making more progress towards my fitness goals.  My hopes for the new year – lose more baby weight (since I now have a toddler and preschooler it’s hard to call it baby weight), stay healthy, have fun, make some special memories with the family.  May 2012 be a memorable year for all!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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