Fitness and Weight Loss Goals


Better late than never to get our goal setting complete, but with baby #3 expected in March it is a little difficult to set specific goals until he/she arrives.  That being said, let’s take a stab at this anyway!  It was just one short year ago that I sat down to think about what I wanted to accomplish in 2012. As we ring in 2013, I think I made some great progress in 2012, especially with a baby on the way, but there’s a lot more still to do. Let’s get started!!

Fitness focus for 2013 – Recovery

Baby will arrive in March and I expect to take it relatively easy for that month as I get in the groove of managing three kids 5yrs and under (eek!), while juggling the work schedule with my hubby.  We’ve done well with two and while three will be a challenge, it will take patience, good communicating and occasional drinking.  Recovery will be key because without that foundation, nothing else will be manageable.

With that under my belt, I can revisit things I wanted to work on (and there’s a lot!) starting with the core…specifically my abdominals. That unplanned tummy tuck never arrived and doesn’t look like it will anytime soon, so I’ve got a lot to do here and hoping that by focusing on some good old fashioned core strengthening I’ll see benefits across the board.

When thinking about abs, my next thought is always diet. Good improvements materialized in 2012 (sayonara soda), so we’ll have to make sure the positive nutrition habits from pregnancy continue going forward.  Crappy fast food options have largely dissipated, but that doesn’t mean they can’t come back.  The good thing is that as I’ve cut back on things like Jimmy Johns I’ve craved it less. Go figure.

Speaking of routines, sticking with regular workout schedules will be the key to dropping weight in 2013.  The hubby has added in some extra support (keeping it top secret for now but will discuss later!). Work chaos WILL CONTINUE to creep up EVEN MORE – learning how to make workouts the priority without fail is the only way success will happen. With that…let’s delve into the plan for 2013!

Current Goals for 2013:

Complete the Chicago or Sugar River triathlon

  • Why I’m doing it: cause it’s a triathlon! I missed out on 2012 because of the pregnancy but barring an unexpected visit AGAIN from the stork, I really don’t see that being an issue this year.  It will be a steep turnaround to go from baby in March to tri in August, but I think I can pull it off if I stay focused (and accountable to the RAB audience…thanks all!!).
  • How I’m going to do it: Race day isn’t until August/September so I’m working on a plan NOW, with my main focus at the moment relearning how to run, bike and swim after my pregnancy hiatus. More training details to follow but you can put it on the board!

Finish two 5k’s in 2013.

  • Why I’m doing it: Good for finishing the tri and something I’d like to encourage my oldest to think more about doing.
  • How I’m going to do it: This will depend somewhat on my tri training plans, but could foresee doing a race in July and then one in the fall.  Something family friendly and local will probably be top priorities, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Use a food diary to keep track of meals, eating patterns

  • Why I’m doing it: nutrition. Duh.  Garbage in = garbage out.
  • How I’m going to do it: LoseIt is my favorite but I will be giving TrainingPeaks a try to mix things up this year.  This new me is really getting crazy, aren’t i?!?!


Hopes for 2013

As I get ready to pick up the pace in 2013, I’m looking forward to getting back into shape, recovering from pregnancy #3 and making more progress towards my fitness goals.  My hopes for the new year – lose more baby weight (can call it baby weight again with #3 here!), stay healthy, have fun, make some special memories with the family.  May 2013 be a memorable year for all!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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