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As I mentioned in my earlier update, we welcomed a new baby boy in March.  Sure, I might be a little biased but he is pretty much perfect.  Already full of smiles and playing games…I think he’s going to be a runner.  One thing that has also stuck around (after 6 weeks) is some of the pregnancy weight.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying to shed it.



“It’s only been six weeks”

I hear this one quite often.  And yes I understand that these things take time.  That still doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.  After six weeks I am down 25 pounds with about 15 more to go.   If you look at the research (and you know I DO!), you can see the vast majority of postpartum weight loss ends around six weeks.  The graph above is from a study conducted by researchers at Duke University and shows weight loss trends for 450 women they followed.  After the first six weeks, the average woman kind of treads water and stays flat.  My weight progression isn’t plotted here (though have faithfully weighed in everyday since delivery)…it follows a similar trajectory so far.

Research ALSO tells us that the only two real predictors of weight loss are INCREASED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY and DECREASED JUNK FOOD CONSUMPTION.  Pretty straight-forward but toss in a new baby and accomplishing these things can be more challenging than expected.


So, what now – ramp up activity, emphasize nutrition

My husband has graciously purchased some coaching for me to help me reach my goal of finishing a triathlon this season. But there needs to be significant mindset changes on my part.  I have to accept that I’m not at all where I want to be and just get out and work. I also have to accept that even if I work my ass off my body will likely look this way for some time.  Progress thus far is painfully slow (literally and figuratively) – but it’s progress I guess.  Example:  My swim workout this weekend included 50m freestyle sprints in which I did NOT feel like I was going to drown (finally).  I can’t control my disgustingly jiggly body at the moment, but I can wake up early and get moving or eat differently.  My hope is to look back in a year and be able to say “God that really sucked….and I’m glad it’s over”.  We shall see.


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2 Responses to Postpartum Update – 6 weeks later and I’m so NOT crushing it (yet)

  1. Emily says:

    I can totally relate to this post! As I sit here with my 3 week old baby laying on my chest, I’m anxiously awaiting the day when my back pain is gone and I can get back to my fitness goals. I want to be an example for my new daughter much like you’ve described here.

    • momma says:

      First off…congratulations on the new addition!!

      Those first few weeks can be such a roller coaster ride. You’re exhausted, you’re ecstatic. There’s high highs and low lows. Certainly wouldn’t have traded that time for anything…but at the same time wanted so badly to start getting back into the groove. I’m sure you’re going to set a great example for your daughter! Hope the back’s feeling better!

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