sprint triathlonFour months after baby arrived…My First Sprint Triathlon!

It’s hard to believe that just a few short months ago, I was anxiously wondering whether #3 would be a boy or a girl.  Fast forward to August and it was even harder to believe that I was picking up a race packet and getting marked for the Naperville Sprint Triathlon…my first race back after having baby #3!  As I recap the race here, it’s important to note this was just a tune-up…NEXT weekend is my official race that I planned to do as my son turns exactly 5 months old:  the Athleta Iron Girl sprint triathlon.  On to the race recap!!

The Race – 2013 Naperville Sprint Triathlonsprint tri course

Although there were over 2000 triathletes competing, the Naperville course is relatively easy to maneuver.  The swim is in a converted quarry (400yd), the bike does a double loop (20k), and the run is an easy out-and-back course on flat terrain (5k).  I went into this having trained over 400 miles since the end of April…yes, I know probably a little extreme.  Looking back at my early entries in TrainingPeaks it was hard for me in the beginning to even finish a 30min fast walk on the treadmill.  So, I needed to log the miles to say the least.

The Swim

This race was a self-assigned wave start and I chickened out and chose the 10min+ group (even though I had planned on going in the 8-10min pace group).  After waiting in the crowd ~40min, it was time to get swimming.  Strangely, it caught me off guard that we were finally starting and felt a little tight.  Adrenaline kicked in and I quickly realized I should have gone in the earlier pace group…ended up swimming over a lot of people and maneuvering around traffic jams.  Couldn’t get into a good rhythm; lesson learned.  Swim time – 10:56.


You’d think with all the pre-race waiting around, I’d have figured out where the bike exit/entrance was….but you’d be wrong.  Mistake #2.  Ended up getting lost coming from swim, then couldn’t figure out where to leave with my bike.  Lost a minute.  Grrr.  T1 – 4:29.

The Bike

This went much better than I’d hoped (but in hindsight I wish I’d gone faster!).  My husband surprised me with a super sweet ride (Cannondale Synapse) and I made full use of it.  The U-turns posed some trouble and had a near wipeout in one, but recovered and finished out ok.  Should have fueled a little bit more, but nerves got the best of me.  Bike time – 42:10.


C’mon man!  Getting lost once I can handle….but TWICE!  Geez!  Such a rookie mistake.  Not sure where all those 2000 triathletes were, but they weren’t in transition when I was!  T2 – 2:14.

The Run

I was hoping to pull off a 10min pace….and it just wasn’t in the cards.  Maybe it was wear and tear, maybe just fatigue…whatever it was, I just couldn’t pull it off.  Pretty straightforward course until the end, which winds through the woods.  Wish I had pushed it harder here (but trying not to beat myself up about it).  Run – 32:24.

Overall – 1:32

My 1:32 finish is an improvement over my race from many-a-year ago in Naperville….by roughly 20+ minutes.  While it’s clearly a step-up, I fell short of my goal of a top 50 finish in my age group (by 9 places).  I was also shooting for a 1:30 finish (or better)….and missed that too.  It’s both easy and frustrating to look back at my goof ups along the way (lining up earlier in swim, not getting lost TWICE in transition, the bike handling, pushing it on the run) and wonder what could have happened had I done things different.  All I know, is that it was a very good feeling to get a hug from the family at the end and have my oldest tell me “Momma…I’m really proud of you for finishing your swim and your bike and your run!”

Redemption comes next week…where the goal is a sub 1:45!


course map via yournaperville.com


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