Once in awhile – usually in the checkout line at the grocery store – I’ll flip through a copy of Self magazine.  At the time I think “Gee, I should get a subscription”.  Problem is – after like 2 months I’m usually bored with the articles or find inaccuracies that just bother me (yes, I’m that dorky).  It shouldn’t surprise me then that this article posted on Yahoo about mistakes people make when trying to lose belly fat, was another one of those posts with little to no value help to folks actually trying to lose belly fat.


Let’s see the top four mistakes mentioned in the article were:

  1. Watching too much TV
  2. Stress
  3. Eating too much
  4. Eating late at night


Wow.  Other than #2 (which still sounds pretty obvious), I’m kind of stunned.  Are they serious?  Duh.  Tell me some MEANINGFUL, NON-OBVIOUS ways that I can work on actually losing my belly fat and we can talk about that Self magazine subscription.  Until then, I’ll be working on my own strategies.



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