After much debate, I’ve finally settled on a 5k race.  These days it seems like every charity has a run, or walk, or tri, so fairly easy to find something.  I’ll be participating in a local Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® on September 26th.  My mother is now an eight-year breast cancer survivor and it’s been too long since I’ve participated in this kind of event.  Around the time of her diagnosis, a few other people she knew were also diagnosed.  They formed a kind of “cancer club” which proved to be a helpful support.  It still frightens and saddens me how only my mother and another lady are the only remaining or living members.

I think it’s pretty amazing that these races have been going for 25 years now!  Very uplifting that there is so much interest and enthusiasm, but disappointing that it is still needed.  I’d encourage you to visit the Komen site and participate yourself this fall.

Let’s see…I now have 55 days to go or about eight weeks and counting.  Let’s get training!  Off to Dick’s for some new shoes.

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