My recent doctor visit uncovered weak IT band/hips/glutes. Since I’m temporarily shutdown from running, I’ve decided the next 20 days will be mine to focus on core and hip strengthening to see if I notice any improvements in pain, swelling or both. I’ll recap the twenty day challenge later, but thought it might be helpful to share my top 10 sites I’ve found describing stretching and strengthening programs for IT bands, hips and glutes. Enjoy!

Top five detailed IT band strengthening programs:

As promised, my favorite five sites for IT band stretching…

Top five video clips of IT band strengthening exercises:

Implementing the solution

What sites am I missing???

This is a small smattering of sites and though I’m already noticing similarities across the lists, I could easily be missing some good ones. Feel free to share any other recommendations, or even better, stories of anyone bouncing back from this type of injury!

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