Smoothies helped Jessica Simpson lose weight after pregnancy…why you MIGHT NOT want to follow the same strategy

If you’ve been following the celeb news in the grocery store checkout lane, then you might have noticed Jessica Simpson managed to lose a large amount of pregnancy weight gained since she delivered her daughter in May. So how does a new mom lose ~60 lbs of pregnancy weight in just 6 months? Let’s look into it…

Now, reports vary a little but she apparently gained 60-70 pounds and has already lost 40-60 pounds. Also claimed is that she joined Weight Watchers as her main strategy, which coincided with a $4M deal to be a new spokesperson.

How to lose baby weight: Enter smoothies

Now Jessica and I aren’t on a first-name basis so there is a strong possibility I don’t have all the facts. Having been in this category of pregnancy weight gain, I was STUNNED to put it bluntly about her success and very intrigued how she pulled it off. From the media reports it appears that Jess used a “smoothie-focused” meal plan (see below):

Jessica’s former private chef created the plan, which closely follows the Weight Watchers points system.

The 32-year-old blonde bombshell has been eating dishes such as shrimp skewers, chicken satay, egg white omelettes and noodles to shed the weight.

She’s also been snacking on crackers and hummus, apples, almonds, yoghurt, homemade fruit smoothies and celery stalks smothered in peanut butter.

According to TMZ, Simpson embarked on the diet in July. She consumed three smoothies and two healthy snacks daily for the first five days, then for the next five days she had two smoothies a day along with one meal and two snacks. This was followed by five days of one smoothie a day with two meals and two snacks.

Smoothies = Weight Watchers???

Ok. I get that it’s great to eat more sensibly (e.g. Cut the junk food!), and the private chef…I’m not even going to get into that…but do smoothies REALLY fall into the category of healthy eating? Also confused if smoothies are really a true cornerstone of the Weight Watchers philosophy (any WW members that could chime in??). My friends that have done it (full disclosure: I have not), have never mentioned a smoothie-focused diet.

In the end, all of this may just be a blip on the radar as the rumor mill is already churning over Jessica’s possible second pregnancy. But I think it saddens me a bit to see someone pitching Weight Watchers as “the” simple secret to losing excess pregnancy weight, when a) that REALLY might not be what did it and b) that it’s a very complicated struggle for many people with limited access to resources.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve heard many good things about Weight Watchers, seen the data, and have had friends who’ve had success. The celebrity endorsements simply have no bearing or applicability to real-world people.

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