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Help us support Kim and her family in their fight against uterine sarcoma!

This One’s For Kim!

A few months ago, our friend was diagnosed with stage IV uterine sarcoma. If you’ve not heard a lot about that kind of cancer, it’s probably because it is extremely rare….unfortunately, it is also an extremely aggressive form of cancer with a poor survival rate. Despite the diagnosis and prognosis, our friend Kim has courageously endured numerous surgeries, repetitive chemotherapy/radiation and has managed to keep a positive attitude, and most importantly, has kept on fighting. With two small children and a husband, it’s easy to see why she’s fighting so hard.

Consider donating to This One’s For Kim — Give Forward

Kim’s young family have had a lot to deal with and adjust to in such a short time. We’ve been so inspired by her situation that we’ve started fundraising to help the family deal with the medical costs from this ordeal. The folks at GiveForward (a fundraising site) have been very helpful in getting us set up – I’d encourage you to check it out if you’re interested ever in need of creating your own custom fundraiser for medical expenses.

More importantly, if you’d like to learn more about the This One’s for Kim fundraiser (or would even like to make a donation), please check out our fundraising page at GiveForward. ALL proceeds are going directly to the family. We hope to raise $20,000 over the next few months and are making great progress so far! We have truly been humbled by the generosity of so many kind people – some we have never even met.

Thankful for support!

One of the most important lessons this experience has taught us is to treasure EVERY DAY we have….every day with our kids, our spouses, our friends, our family. Treasure every day we are able to wake up and make the most of it! Thank you to all for the phenomenal support!

UPDATE – donation matching now in effect through WEDNESDAY

Thanks to the generous support of a donor, all donations collected through wednesday will be matched. If you’re considering making a contribution to “This One’s For Kim”, now is a great time to do it!!

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