Lovely. Just lovely. After a week-long hiatus from running my nagging heel pain is actually feeling worse. After some relenting, I made a trip to the doctor. Could be worse – turns out to not be plantar fascitis due to over-running (which I feared after hearing from other runners), but instead a bone bruise. The usual remedies prescribed: rest, ice, antiinflammatories. The “rest” part effectively rules out the next race I had my heart set on – the Champion’s Run at Chicago’s Montrose Harbor. Still seems like a cool run, but looks doubtful at this pace.

At least the “rest” part coincides with a bad upcoming work week where it’s looking like 80+ hours. It would have been difficult to find the time this week. Well…that’s what I’m telling myself anyways! C’mon heel!

On a separate note, the Weekly Workout Wrapup (here’s one from the past) should be back within another week. Counting calories and rebuilding my charts……fun times over here!!


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