A happy and cheerful Mother’s day to all the Moms, Grandma’s, others….I saw some references out there that today has bigger meaning to many Moms than Christmas. I don’t know if I’d put one ahead of the other, but this day does make me reflect back on the year in a similar way that I do in December. This Mother’s day though has a different meaning for one family…


Kim fundraiser

Help us support Kim and her family in their fight against uterine sarcoma!

This One’s for Kim

Our friend Kim recently passed away from uterine sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. It’s hard to believe it’s been two weeks since she passed but for her husband, daughter and son I can’t even imagine how difficult today must be. Kim’s kids are the same ages as my own and it breaks my heart to think about children so young having to deal with the first of many Mother’s days without her, missing their mom.


GiveForward – Making Fundraising Easier

Kim was full of life and her amazing courage and spirit were something extraordinary to witness. Perhaps one of the most important things I’ve learned, has been to cherish every day with your family and appreciate moments big and small. To support her family in this time, we created a fundraising page at GiveForward.  I can’t speak highly enough about their platform and tools for fundraising.


On this Mother’s day, consider learning more about our efforts to help support Kim’s family by visiting Kim’s fundraising page at GiveForward.


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