Most of the Running After Baby race recaps focus on my own runs/triathlons (example: Naperville sprint triathlon). Today, we’re mixing it up. I did participate in a neighborhood 5K and finally ran a sub-10 minute pace (barely!). Best part of the day…doing a 1K fun run with my five year old daughter…her first race!!  Race recap for #1’s first 1K!

Prerace – the excitement builds!

Starting with packet pickup, she was pretty excited. I let her wear my old Timex Ironman watch, which was pretty awesome to her (“it glows in the dark!”). She happily told the registration volunteers her name and that she’d be running with her momma tomorrow. We got home and found her race outfit and even managed to cinch my husband’s old Fuel Belt tight enough to put her race bib on it. She begrudgingly took off her race outfit to put on jammies…only after I convinced her that sleeping with the race bib could tear it and then she wouldn’t be able to run. Then it was off to bed by 8pm (huh?!). She said she wanted to wake up super early for the race and make sure she got plenty of rest.

Race Day


Prerace stretching. You’ve got to warm up correctly!

True to her word, I heard little feet coming down the stairs at 6:30am. Ready to race! Somehow we managed to get everyone dressed and fed and out the door on time. I said my goodbyes to start warming up for my 5K and told my daughter to be sure to finish her bagel and water before the run.

Course was pretty flat, but lots of humidity and I was fighting through two bum Achilles. Bummer. I made it through (no walking) and managed to cross a hair under 31 minutes. Had hoped for something closer to 29, but whatever. I’ll take the 9:59 pace since it marks a ~30 second improvement over my 5K time in the Pleasant Prairie triathlon.


Woo hoo!! We’re off! She probably would have gone faster if I hadn’t slowed her down!

Shortly after, it was time to go down for the kids’ fun run. With 10 minutes before the race, I went through some pre-run stretches with her and we talked about the run. To see the pure excitement in her little eyes was so amazing! She was thrilled! We talked to a few other runners and she happily introduced herself. The gun went off and she was a little startled, but I grabbed her hand and off we went! She couldn’t believe she was running a REAL RACE! She talked

almost the whole way asking questions and telling me how she liked to run with me. As we circled back, I was a little sad it was ending. My husband spotted us and I knew he really wanted to run with her, so I let the two of them take off but not before telling to finish as fast as she could.

She came in ~6:30…pretty great for her first race! As we headed back to the car, she asked if we could do another race. I told her absolutely! When she asked if we could do another one tomorrow, I had to smile.


My little runner!

Overall — a great day!

What a great day! I’ve come pretty far this season and put in a lot of hard work. What I am most humbled and amazed by though has nothing to do with me…I’m so in awe that my daughter has gotten into running! Being able to pass on healthy habits like running to my kids is something I never envisioned. But to see it is incredible and a reminder to myself that I have six little eyeballs watching my every move. If I’ve ever thought about quitting or giving up, this has put a stop to that.

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