Would it be possible to run everyday? I’ve heard stories or urban legends about runners who have run for years. Right now it’s hard enough to get to the gym more than twice a week. But clearly I need more. Maybe I can try something in between to get motivated and prove to myself that I CAN do more. I feel another challenge coming this way!!

Goal/Challenge: Run for ~30 minutes daily over a twenty day span.

Why I want to do this: To push myself and reenergize my workouts.

Admittedly, I did not set out to do this at the start. I thought I’d run two days back-to-back. Then I started to read an article about Terry Fox. If you’ve never heard of him he was a young Canadian who lost his leg to cancer (and ultimately his life). To raise money for cancer research, Terry set out to run across Canada. Keep in mind this was back in the late 70’s/early 80’s with far less sophisticated technology, support or awareness. I thought that Terry must have really loved running to try to do something like that – if he could try to run across Canada then I should be able to run a few days in a row at the very least.


As I’ve started I first set a goal of 3 days. Then 5, then 9. Now, I will try to reach 20. In contrast to past challenges, I’ve not kept track of my progress that well. Simply because it’s been an evolving target.

I can say that I have noticed some changes:

  • my breathing feels better – now I’m not needing an inhaler like I had been during winter/spring
  • pace improvement – on one timed run I cut a full minute off my pace and ran 8:30 pace for nearly a mile. Haven’t done that in a looooong time!
  • weight GAIN – this has been the one major downside. I’ve had a 2.5% increase in my weight since starting my running streak. What gives?!?! The only theories I have are muscle building and water retention (not hydrating enough).

I’m about to head out on day 9…here’s to sticking with it. Almost half of the way there already!!


Update: I’ve decided (on day 10) to finally take a break.  Shin splints have started to rear their ugly head and my legs are starting to feel disastrous.  I’ve found a 5k race that I plan on running on the 4th of July (the Firecracker Four in Wisconsin), so while I don’t want to stop now I’m afraid if I don’t take a day or two off now there could be worse problems down the road.  In light of the wear-and-tear, I’ll see how many days out of 20 I’m able to get my runs in on.


Final Update: I made it 15 out of 20 days (including the four mile race).  Since then I’m now running at least four times a week and while the legs are starting to feel better, they are still sore.  Biggest take-away:  it’s a total package!  It will take more than just running for me to reach my goals!

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