I just wrapped up my 2nd quarter earnings season at work a few weeks ago. In the finance world, that means a look back at performance during the first half of the year. Were goals met? Expectations exceeded? Taking a step back, I thought it might be useful to look back at my own fitness goals for the year and see how I’ve done.

Also, a good way to figure out what to concentrate on as 2012 starts to come upon us.

My quarterly earnings sesaon can be a stressful time for me and the family (hence my routine departure from “normal” work-life balance for a few weeks). This is a major reason why I feel like I continually have my progress derailed. With one more earnings season left in 2011, I want to make sure I start to tackle it in a more proactive way. What follows below is a recap of my earlier goals (link to initial goals here), progress I’ve made so far (if at all), and what I’d like to do next. I’m trying to keep in mind that there will be another possible “derailing” period in the fall but really want to do my best to avoid it.

The Goals Recap / Update




Taking a multi-vitamin Uh….actually forgot that was a goal. Wow. That was an easy one too. Put it on the board…bottle has been purchased, ready to
Drink 8 glasses of water Tried an app which proved to be more effort than it was
worth. Then, I also spotted a
few articles showing that it’s not necessarily the water but more the fluid
that is the important part.
My water intake is better, but probably still needs some
improving. Keep up the good
<2 cans soda per day Overall, good job but more recent slippage. Have to keep this one in check, should also be an easy way
to reduce some unwanted calories.
Fruit/veggies 4x per day Not so good here, or rather, would have liked to do
Need to get more creative here.
Workout 3+ times per week 1000 calories/wk in burn is a better landmark here because
it feels like I push myself harder.
Stick with the 1000 calories per week instead of 3+ times
per week.
Food diary Yes! Finally
one I’ve been pretty good on!
Keep it up – and keep getting back to the WWW
Run 3 races in the 1st half of 2011

Two races done including the Rock N’ Roll ½ Marathon and the Firecracker

Two out of three ain’t bad. Ended up having to deal with a lot of exams at work and
got derailed a bit. Injury to
the heel has also sidelined things but am starting to come back. Would love, love, love to try to get
a triathlon in this year, but trying to be more realistic and shooting for
two more runs.

So, what now?

Well, there’s a lot here to tackle and sadly only a few months left in 2011. I’d really like to focus the remainder of the year on trying to do a better job of prioritizing me in the grand scheme of things. It seems like if I did this more (or at least more often) I might see meaningful results. There was a post on The Mom Challenge at Lady and the Blog that caught my eye, and in the spirit of living up to that I hope I do a better job.

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3 Responses to Fitness Goals Progress – 2011 update

  1. Miguel says:

    Congrats on a job well done for the first half of 2011! LOTR knows it is not easy to balance the work-life schedule as a working parent, and incorporate a training program in there, too. But step 1 is making a plan and evaluating, and you have done a remarkable job at that. Making yourself a priority is the only way to achieve what you want to. It’s not being selfish; it’s being the best YOU that you can be! So make it happen – start each day with a plan to block off even just 30 minutes for yourself. Run, bike, swim, walk, weights, cardio. If you stick to that, the results will follow.

    With regards to the veggies, here is a very easy way to get your 4+ servings per day:
    1) For breakfast, no matter the main course (bagel, oatmeal, egg-white omelet), have 1 orange (70 cals) and 1 banana (120 cals). You will notice that you feel fuller, and you are getting loads of vitamins without the calories. Ignore orange juice, too many calories and not as much Vitamin C as a raw orange!
    2) For lunch, have a side of 10-15 baby carrots (55 cals). Packed with vitamins and small calories.
    3) For dinner, have a salad with your meal (usually 120 cals with lo-fat dressing), or a side of green beans (just 20 cals for 1/2 cup), or a small baked potato (150 cals plain, add approx. 100 cals for a pat of butter).
    4) Have an apple (95 cals) for that late-night craving. Loads of fiber and vitamins, small amount of calories, and it will be a filling and healthy snack.

    Good luck!
    -Your friends at LOTR

    • RunningAftrBaby says:

      Thanks LOTR!

      Your food suggestions are excellent ideas and will be sneaking in some of those today. Having great family support is a big help too!

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