As the knee pain saga continues, I’ve decided to seek out some medical advice and have an appointment with a sports medicine physician soon.  In the interim, my brother-in-law doctor recommended rest, ice, anti-inflammatories (i.e. advil) and working on strengthening the quads and hamstrings (if there is no pain).

There are some useful sites out there with some good recommendations for exercises to strengthen the quads:

So far, I’m able to do strengthening and stretching with minimal discomfort and have decided to take the week off from running (despite a STRONG urge to get out there).  One week is just that….one week.  It won’t make or break training.  I’ll start worrying when its more than one.  In the off time, I guess I can get the tire on the jogging stroller fixed so me and my first-born can go on a run together again.  Yay!

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