scale w moneyI’ve recently joined the Winter Meltdown DietBet and will be keeping track of my progress here. With only five short months till the next triathlon season, it’s time to start getting in some off-season shape and dropping some more pounds. Baby #3 will also be walking soon (eek!!) and I’m anxious to lose a little more weight before he does. In the last update, I walked through my DietBet pre-game through day 3. Today’s update focuses on the first week of my DietBet.

DietBet Week 1 progress: on my way to 4% weight loss!

With the first seven days now fully under my belt, I remain on track on the Winter Meltdown DietBet. So far, I’ve lost 1.3% weight and with roughly three more weeks to go I think I’m on a good pace to hit the 4% weight loss mark. Even DietBet agrees with me! In my weigh-in today, DietBet puts me in 60th place with a 55% chance of winning. Before I start taking victory laps though, I better make sure I keep my eyes on the big picture.

What I’m focusing on now


The New Year’s feast – our tradition!

Planning and logging. Christmas and New Year’s have presented some unique dietary and exercise challenges….I’ll just leave it at that. And while those events are out of the way, January still presents some challenges for me individually. On the work front, I have a big deadline next week followed by travel (some cross country). These kinds of events ALWAYS make it hard to find balance. Key to surviving for me will be planning ahead and to keep logging food.



Playing with new toys! My Garmin watch, bike trainer. My husband completely splurged and spoiled me this year by surprising me with a new Garmin Forerunner 910xt. If you’ve never visited it, check out DC Rainmaker’s site and his insanely extensive/useful review of the 910. It’s so good, I’m using it as my de facto manual. We have been submerged with about a foot of snow and ice since Christmas so not too many opportunities to use it outdoors. I did take it out shoveling today with the kids and it was hilarious to see the precision with which it tracked me in the yard. Our driveway is maybe 10-12 feet wide, but you can see me doing back and forth zigzags to get the shoveling done. Kudos Garmin!20140102-214242.jpg

photo-13My husband’s brothers also surprised me with a bike trainer. It’s been way easier to setup than I thought and I’ve already logged some saddle time. I’ll do a more detailed review later — though unlikely to be if the DC Rainmaker quality. :)

Work-life balance — find a way, not excuses. Additionally on the home front, babies #1 and #2 (ok, one is in kindergarten so not really babies) are picking up their activities again (ballet, swim) so more chaos on schedule front. Finally, my stud husband is ramping up his training for the Boston marathon…whatever I decide to do needs to be compatible with his plans. Lot of balls in the air but we’ve managed to juggle in the past and think we will be ok again. There was a great article in Triathlete magazine on multi-tasking and training for age groupers. What was so great about it, was simply seeing that I’m not the only one managing a lot. Everyone does. It comes with the territory in this day and age if you have a) jobs, b) families and c) fitness goals. I think it makes achieving those goals all the more meaningful. But let me get off my soapbox and back on the message…

What I’m focusing on NEXT

The whole point of the DietBet for me has been to resume more healthy habits to continue my weight loss efforts. While I’ve dropped the baby weight from the latest pregnancy, I still have weight from the first that I’m trying to lose.

  • Core strength, stability. As I prepare for the 2014 racing season it is also very important to me to improve my core strength since that will have direct impacts on my performance and speed.
  • Hydration. My home scale offers body fat and water measurements. While the literature doesn’t exact paint a glowing picture of accuracy, I think the readings probably fall in the “good enough” camp. In the progress chart below, you can see my hydration level (total body water percentage) has remained around the 48% mark. I’ll delve into this in a later post, but over the course of the DietBet I hope to see this begin to increase. Why? Muscle holds more water than fat does. Ideally, if I’m consuming more water and building muscle while losing fat, I should see this number increase.
  • Nutrition. Ah, the massive weak spot in my training. Even when I’m not eating junk, processed food, I feel like I struggle to eat healthy food. This remains an area that I’d like to tackle more. In the interest of not changing too many things at once though, I’m keeping it simple for now.

Until next time….make it a great day!


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