scale w moneyI’ve recently joined the Winter Meltdown DietBet and will be keeping track of my progress here.  With only five short months till the next triathlon season, it’s time to start getting in some off-season shape and dropping some more pounds.  Baby #3 will also be walking soon (eek!!) and I’m anxious to lose a little more weight before he does.  Today’s update focuses on what I did BEFORE I started the DietBet and how the first few days have gone.

My DietBet “Pre-Game”:  How I prepared before I bet

I first heard of DietBet in the Fall and thought it was a pretty interesting concept.  What I liked most was that it was a structured environment, where I’d be accountable within a relatively short time frame.  Note:  If you’ve been following along here, I’m still working on losing weight after having three kids (the most recent addition was in March).  Plus, the target isn’t easy to hit unless you are really working at it.  True, I’m sure there are many folks who might go about cheating but if that’s really what gets you pumped in the morning to cheat on a DietBet….well, you’ve probably got other things to be working on. 😉

Before I started, I wanted to have a strategy in place or at least a framework in terms of how I approached the bet.  Here’s what I focused on ahead of time:

  • Determine normal weight fluctuations (in pounds)
  • Get back into tracking food
  • Find contest with a lot of people and an entry fee of ~$25

Determine normal weight fluctuations.  I weighed myself pretty regularly for about 10 days before playing to see what my normal weight fluctuations looked like.  Interestingly, I’ve seen swings of +/- four pounds!!  Ugh.  It was good to find this out ahead of time.  This means I could make good progress, only to be derailed by the scale.  At the end of the day, I decided it was more important for me to get back into good habits and not be tied to numbers.  Good to set expectations ahead of time.

Track food.  I’ve also dusted off my trusty food tracking LoseIt app and have gotten back in the habit of logging my meals.  This has always been an important part of the fitness arsenal for me – I hate having to log in those bad meals or splurges and LoseIt is enough of a push for me not to partake in some of those things.

DietBet game selection.  This part was easy!  As the New Year approached, I figured there would be a ton of people gearing up for the January weight loss season.  And, I was right.  Ton of games to choose from and while I could have waited a few more days I decided to just go for it.  When I joined, there were already over 140 people in the pool — pretty impressive!  I was looking for something with a lot of competition and participation.  If it was just a dozen people, I was afraid I’d lose interest or that others might drop out.

Day 0:  paying up and weighing in


Photo via DietBet

To start, you create an account, put down your payment and submit a weigh-in picture.  The process isn’t too difficult, but mentally a little stressful.  Participants have to snap two pictures – one of you in a full length mirror on a scale, and a second of the scale with your weigh-in word.  Note: You can keep your weight hidden from participants. 



My Before Picture – it can only get better from here!

I snapped my entry pictures (ugh!) and finished signing up.  Selfies are not my favorite and I’ll leave it at that.  Within an hour, my weight was “verified” and I was officially in the race.  That was it!  Pretty easy.  Others were inviting friends to join and sharing links so the “social proof” really helped expand the game.  As of day 3, the Winter Meltdown is now up to 225 people with a total pot size of $5,625 – WOW!!  If I was looking for big, I got it!


Day 1-3: Few days down (and maybe a pound or two)

Well, we are now three days in.  Over the first two days I was down ~1.5 pounds but last night the family had a New Year’s Eve dinner (early) as we watched my beloved Green Bay Packers eek out a great win against the Chicago Bears.  Go Pack Go!  There was food aplenty and it was not as healthy as it could have been.  But, I knew the day would be a loss in terms of maintaining a good calorie count unless I sat out of the fun.  Fun won out here and I’m ok with that.  Now I have to make up for it this week though.  My goal is to slowly ease back into the workouts, as it’s been awhile since I’ve done anything hard.  Additionally, I plan to focus on weights, core and stretching to avoid any further injuries.  No way do I want to get derailed again there!  Until next time….make it a great day!

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