If you’ve been following along, things have been pretty quiet since September. Now, as 2013 comes to a close and 2014 is just around the corner, I’m looking for ways to get back into a healthy pattern. Enter – DietBet: the social way to lose weight (and earn money).

Where we last left off…

I was just finishing my second triathlon roughly five months post-baby. As I prepared for my third and final race of the season, injury struck and the past few months have been spent resting and rehabbing. As I am getting ready to pick up my offseason training and thinking about the 2014 season, I’ve decided to try something different to get back on track…..a DietBet!

What the heck is a DietBet?

If you haven’t heard of DietBet, check out this short video.

DietBet is a site where people put down a wager (eg. $25-$100) that they can lose 4% of their body weight within 28 days. For those people that meet/beat a 4% weight loss target, they get to split the pot with the winners. For example, if 10 people start off with $50 bets and two people reach the goal then the two winners would split a $500 pot (less a cut to DietBet for fees). There’s a longer-term DietBet focused on losing 10% body weight, but i’m focused on the 28-day challenge for now. The games are organized such that there are pools of people competing against each other…it can be a handful of people or hundreds.

Why I decided to join a DietBet

I’ve essentially stayed steady at my weight loss goal since summer…no major gains, but no major progress. Not really surprising with the decline in my intense workouts. I do have some motivation with another racing season rapidly approaching to drop some pounds, but I was looking for and needed something more near-term and something with more self-imposed pressure. DietBet offers that for me! Yes making a bit of cash would be nice but that’s not really my main driver. I was drawn to the “formal” setup, rules and deadline. In the end, I’ll probably be more upset if I lose my $25, than excited if I win. That’s just me though.

My DietBet – the Winter Meltdown

With my entry fee of $25 paid, I joined the Winter Meltdown DietBet with over 200 other people running from Dec 28 to Jan 25. Pretty tricky time…I know. The holidays aren’t the easiest of times to be mindful of the total calories. Layer in the fact that I will also be on the road six days for work over this time and it will be a really difficult bar to stay on track! But, so what. I can make excuses and wait for a perfect time to get into shape OR I can suck it up and control what I can control.

As I proceed through the DietBet, I’ll leave some updates on my progress. If I manage to hit my 4% weight loss target, I’m guessing I will take home about $100 but more importantly I’ll have made some good progress on meeting my overall weight loss goals.

You cam follow the progress on twitter, or feel free to check back here. Happy new year everybody!

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