When I look back at what I used to look and feel like, it really serves as a great motivator.  Back then, I was somewhat self-conscious.  But now, in hindsight, dear god!  what was I thinking!

With my first child, there were many a complication that arose both during and after delivery.  Along with those came a nearly 70% increase in weight.  To translate that into pounds, multiply your current weight by 0.7 and that should give you a good frame of reference.  The experience was pretty horrible.

With number two, I was at least more prepared for problems.  And this time when diagnosed with gestational diabetes I followed a rigorous diet and tried to exercise.  The result was a much easier delivery and only a 20% weight gain (which has already disappeared by six weeks post-baby).  But, still a far road to travel to get back to my  “playing weight”.

With all that in mind, there are a number of goals I hope to reach over the next six months.  The biggest being a return to my pre-pre-baby* weight.  In the words of Kai-Lan, “Let’s go go go!”.

Note: the term pre-pre-baby weight refers to that time long, long ago before my kids were here.

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