Well, it’s been far too long so I’ve decided I better get back to basics. A brief recap of the past two months…I’ve had three regulatory exams to take for work which required about 200 hours of study time. When you factor in two kids, husband, travel for work…well the hours in the day get short to say the least. My final test is in a few days but feeling more/less confident this will be it.

In terms of fitness/health…it’s safe to say that got shelved. Unfortunately. I’m at the point where I feel completely lousy, disgusted with myself. I haven’t gained too much weight (up only 2 pounds) but my abs are atrocious and pants are beyond tight. Most frightening is the decline in the pelvic floor strengthening I’d done. My attempt at jumping rope will not be repeated for a long while! Amazing what a few months on your butt can do! Or undo.

So – what’s next? The pity party has to stop. With that, I’ve started to pick up my LoseIt app again. I also started trying to get back into a workout routine. Ugh. Trying not to beat myself up over the lost progress but have I mentioned that it’s amazing what a few months on your butt can do?!?

Here’s to believing it’s never too late. And picking up where I left off.

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