Apologies for the hiatus but another lengthy two weeks has kept me chained to my desk. Every three-ish months, I go through “earnings season” which involves long hours (sometimes around 18+ per day). This time around was busier than normal due to a conference in San Francisco and the birth of my boss’ first daughter (how exciting!!). Why do I do it? Well, I enjoy my job and other times can be a bit slower.

That being said, it’s time to get back to the real work – getting back in shape! I seem to do this cycle where I stick to my routine and then work picks up and derails things temporarily. Unfortunately this is the reality of my job and am learning I’ll have to accept these mini breaks. I think I can make the most of it though and use them as recovery times.

My next race is already in my sights: the 5k Santa Hustle in December. Not sure how running with a beard will feel but ready to give it a ho ho go! I’ll soon be posting my workout plan for the next few weeks to get race ready.

Enjoy the weekend!

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