About Running After Baby

Losing Pregnancy Weight is Hard…We Get it…We’ve DONE it!

The newest addition to your family will change your life in countless ways and is truly one of the most amazing adventures you can take. Unfortunately, gaining 20, 30 or 40+ pounds is not quite as fun, but it can also be life altering.  Running After Baby was created to help moms find a path back to their pre-pregnancy shape while juggling the demands of parenthood, marriage, work and life.  It’s not easy but it can be done! By incorporating scientifically-validated research we offer legitimate strategies to moms rather than gimmicks or tricks.

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Did you know that roughly 50% of women gain excessive weight during pregnancy and KEEP 40% OF THE WEIGHT ON one year later

How I Got Here

Before kids, I was a fairly athletic person.  Triathlons were my favorite.  I worked out about 5-7 days per week. Amazing how much free time you have and don’t even realize it, huh?

With daughter #1, a host of medical problems and complications led to huge weight gain (nearly DOUBLED my weight). Using my scientific training (PhD) to delve into post-partum/sports medicine research, I successfully lost ~40% of the weight and then Poof! daughter #2 came along.  With clearance to resume activities after my second daughter, I successfully (yay!) lost 100% of the weight from the second pregnancy by focusing on nutrition and exercise.  As injuries crept up, I was bitten by the pregnancy bug one more time (yup, baby #3 — it’s a boy!).  Pregnancy #3 came with it’s own unique challenges (and a weight gain of ~40 pounds), but I’m confident that by focusing on sound nutrition and setting realistic fitness goals I can ditch the pounds and get back to my pre-pregnancy shape.

What We Cover Here

Running After Baby encourages moms to set and reach fitness goals, tackles nutrition questions, how to balance work/family responsibilities and general day-to-day chaos that comes with three small kids and a chaotic life!   There’s a variety of resources (plans, links) and research that readers will also find on the site.  Happy running and good luck on your own fitness/weight loss journey!

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