Before baby #2 arrived, I had a fairly flexible job and could even work from home a few times a week if so desired.  Ah, the good old days!  Problem was – I was pretty miserable.  The job itself was interesting but environment was bad!  So, when I was 7 months pregnant and got offered a chance to interview for a new job I jumped at the chance.  Completing six one-on-one interviews and multiple skills tests was a bit tricky at that point, but I managed to be pretty convincing and snagged the new job.  Yay me!  New environment = awesome; job itself = very exciting; flexibility = not so much.  I now need to be in the office around 6:30 am, which means waking up at 4:30/4:45am if I want to get in a workout before leaving for work.  Ouch.

Another wrench in the plan is that my husband is also trying to run in a race (half-marathon) in the fall.  So, we both need to be flexible to accommodate training schedules.  What we’ve come up with is:

  • His days: Saturday (long run), Monday, Wednesday
  • My days:  Sunday (longer run), Tuesday, Thursday

If I want to fit in the core training or weights, that has to come on off days in the A.M.  A new typical day in the life of a working/training mom:

  • 4:45a.m.  Alarm goes off (snooze maybe once, but that’s all that can be afforded)
  • 5:45a.m.  Out the door and down to the office (if I’m on the train, check the mail/news)
  • 6:30a.m.  Morning meeting followed by quick breakfast at desk
  • 10:00a.m.  ‘Nother meeting (snack again)
  • 12:30p.m. Lunch at desk (make it light)
  • 3:00p.m.  One more meeting (sometimes)
  • 6:00p.m. Hit the road and get on home – if it’s my day, get a-running; if it’s his day, play with kids and get dinner going
  • 8:00p.m.  Bath for kids, night time rituals; final email/work check-in; get food, clothes ready for tomorrow
  • 10:00p.m. Time to dose and get ready to do it all over again

The big question:  is it all worth it? At the moment, definitely.  Yes, its tiring but I get to work on improving my fitness and have upgraded my career.  My husband is incredibly helpful or there’s no way it would work.  Single parents out there — I give you all the credit in the world and then some!  You are amazing!

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